About Property Scopers

A buyers agent or buyers advocate is simply a licenced Real Estate agent that will charge you for finding you a property instead of charging you for selling a property. Buyers agents and real estate agents work together to transact a sale for a commission.

Because we are not real estate agents even though we have a real estate licence to do what we do. Our DNA is finance, building and construction first and real estate second. So our focus is not only ensuring you get the best price but also that you get a house that comes with no structural or hidden maintenance issues and we can guarantee that.

A property that is for whatever reason not advertised for sale but is available for purchase.

Yes,  in South East Queensland we have a database of more than 1000 agents at hand and growing. When a client requests a particular type of property we go to our database first and then to open market listings. If there is an off-market property that fits your brief then you’ll know about it.

Yes we do. We negotiate the purchase price based on market pricing, maintenance issues and the quality of fixture inclusions.

Yes, as soon as we agree on what the brief is we will guarantee to find you a property that fits that brief.  

We also provide guarantees on the property itself, if the property you buy has structural issues, termite issues or maintenance issues that were present at the time of inspection that we did not inform you of we will get those fixed at our cost.

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