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Property Scopers will get you the right property at the right price with no surprises guaranteed.


If you need a Buyers agents or buyers advocate in Brisbane, then Property Scopers is the only Company you should use.

Our Knowledge

We are passionate about real estate, buildings, compliance and all paperwork associated with the building process. We are also investors and property owners  ourselves so we understand what is important for a successful investment or property purchase. Our goal is find the exact property that fits your needs, negotiate a great price and ensure that it comes to you with no surprises.  We are so confident in our expertise and knowledge that we will guarantee our services.

Our Guarantee

We are the only buyers agency or buyers advocate type of company that will provide a guarantee on property acquisition related services. We guarantee that the property you purchase will have no surprises with structural, maintenance or termite issues that we have not already informed you about, if there are surprises we will get these fixed at no cost to yourself.  Please see Our Guarantee section for full terms and conditions.

No Conflict

Our primary focus is to ensure you purchase a house that fits your investment requirements at the best price possible and that it comes to you with no surprises. We do not collude with other agents or inspectors to gain a sale. At Property Scopers we do the inspections ourselves with our qualified and experienced inspectors. We go above and beyond at the inspections to ensure we can guarantee your purchase.

Our Cost

A buyers agent or buyers advocate often charge somewhere between 1%-2% of the purchase price. We charge a flat fee and can guarantee it will not only be cheaper than a traditional buyers agent, but you will be provided with an unmatched service. If you’re thinking of using a buyers agent or buyers advocate then contact Property Scopers.




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